Fumikiri Jikan – BD

There are many things you can call your older brother, but his name is not one of them.

Manga has sort of taken over recently, so this kept getting pushed to the side and ended up taking forever to finish despite being relatively simple. Both Doki’s and the official subs were decent, so there’s a little bit of both in here along with a variety of tweaks and touch-ups. Episodes 4 and 8 are novel in that most of the dialogue is conveyed through signs rather than the traditional method. Hopefully it remains easy-to-read for everyone.

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Hash: fdbf847c0916b2210016edf9a80384a0454284fc

[SNSbu] Fumikiri Jikan (BD 1920×1080 HEVC FLAC)

Fumikiri Jikan 01-12

Subs: Doki
Encodes: Beatrice-Raws

Cross-referenced HorribleSubs’ subtitles and substituted them for several lines
Reworded some lines to sound more natural
Changed UK English to US English
Removed a few localizations
Various typesetting modifications
Slight retiming
Basic spelling and grammar corrections

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