Stella no Mahou – v05

We delve into highly relatable topics like underestimating workloads, being lax with scheduling, and failing to meet the deadline with volume 12.

On a completely unrelated note, circumstances made this volume take a lot longer than usual, but we’ve since got things worked out and will be releasing future chapters on a regular, bi-weekly schedule. We appreciate your patience.

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One Room – BD v3


This is an updated version of the complete One Room series that uses the same, higher-quality encodes for the full series. There was also a minor edit to one episode’s typesetting, but it is mainly just to make it easy to watch in better quality with smaller filesizes. In the future, we will try to hold off on batch releases if the available raws are subpar and only stress speed for individual episodes that lack alternative releases.

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Long Riders! – BD

Cycling is a lot like a woman, it’s better when everything stays flat.

It’s been a long ride, but we’ve finally finished up the Long Riders BDs.  Actas made a lot of improvements to the initial version, and we’ve followed suite with the subs.  The original script has been torn apart and improved to be more accurate, better fitting, and a lot prettier.  Hopefully it was worth the wait.

Also, we are interested in working on the manga, but we lack the staff to pull it off in a timely fashion right now.  If you’re interested in helping, let us know.

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